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AnyPresence Aids Digital Transformation

October 12, 2015

In this episode of On the Road: Dallas 2015, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani sits down with Vivek Gupta of AnyPresence to find out how the company “provides enterprises with the technology for digital transformation.” 

AnyPresence allows enterprises to choose from a collection of baseline APIs, which can then be customized to meet an enterprise’s specific needs. In the video below, Gupta, VP of Product Management at AnyPresence, walks viewers through the impressive suite of services the company offers, explaining AnyPresence’s offering as “a platform which enterprises use to create apps, APIs, microservices for their devices, appliances, Internet of Things, etc.”

AnyPresence is building awareness among enterprises’ developers, especially when those developers want to cultivate company-specific APIs and cross-device applications. However, Gupta stressed the service’s ability to work for both developers and non-developers to create applications. It seems primed for SMBs without the technical wherewithal, time, or bandwidth to build their own APIs, as it offers a service to help those companies “get off the ground” with API development.

Gupta said that the company is gaining traction in the finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, and attributes the company’s success to two common factors between those industries: “the sophistication of use cases” and the industries’ focus on heightened security. However, the company is primed for any enterprise that wants to use its service, regardless of industry.

AnyPresence was named the 2015 Technology of the Year Award from InfoWorld, and Gupta stresses that both the company and the industry are growing. He prides the company on its ability to combine multiple solutions to best benefit its users, and revealed a free trial for developers looking to try the service before committing fully.

Hear Gupta’s full comments (and the details on that free trial) from the video below, and then head over to www.anypresence.com for some due diligence before buying in. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle