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BroadVision and T-Systems Take on Mobile Collaboration

September 16, 2015

The enterprise of today has embraced the digital lifestyle; this always-on, always-plugged existence mandates reliable, efficient and user-friendly collaboration tools. A leader in the business collaboration space, BroadVision announced a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems moving forward) to help meet this growing demand, and ensure the provision of its mobile social enterprise solution, Vmoso, in Europe and beyond.

“Our partnership with global leaders like T-Systems is a great example of the growing acceptance for integrating social, productivity and communications content through Vmoso. We're seeing strong demand for cloud-based tools that unify all the ways employees can engage with each other yet also sit alongside existing solutions such as Outlook,” VP of Marketing and Business Development, BroadVision Ty Levine told TMC.

Vmoso is at the heart of the next generation of collaboration and communication tools for the enterprise; a cloud-based solution that unifies email, chat, workflow, content sharing and social media on one platform. Applications are run on a dedicated, secure server and the firm notes customers maintain complete control over their data in an environment leveraging enterprise-grade security and data protection.

Levine explained to TMC the demand for Vmoso is on the rise, “Everyone wants to be more productive in remote offices yet the threats from BYOD and BYOA are very real. CIO’s must be aware of these security consequences and ignoring them is no way to handle this growing enterprise concern.”

And, with collaboration and communication front of mind for the enterprise, Vmoso is capable of creating an environment where regardless of location one’s communications will be secure. 

“Vmoso was developed to protect valuable corporate IP and content while making it easier for employees to access this information, support fast onboarding of new staff and allow the business to respond quickly to data compliance requests.  Data security is also a paramount concern. With Private Cloud availability, companies can host data in their own country, on their own data center, without losing the benefits of cloud-based communication,” Levine illustrated.

Bottom line: the enterprise demands increased mobility, and this solution alleviates the hurdles that once came with working from the road or the neighborhood coffee shop for that matter. T-Systems and BroadVision, two proven entities, are setting out to change the way the enterprise works one firm at a time. Only time will tell how high the ceiling is for these two, but one thing is clear—this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino