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Net2Phone Offering Free Unlimited International Calls to Avaya Customers

August 21, 2015

Net2Phone recently announced that Avaya customers that sign up for its SIP trunking service can get unlimited international calling to 21 countries. The service is available for just $14.99 per channel per month, and requires no additional hardware.

Based in Newark, New Jersey, Net2Phone, Inc. provides VoIP service to more than 160 countries. It offers broadband calling, local virtual phone numbers, calling cards, and phone-to-fax plans for consumers. The company also has an affiliate plan and relies heavily on reseller channels for distribution of its services and solutions.

Making apples-to-apples comparisons between two different international calling plans is difficult to say the least. Hardware costs, frequency of use, and the length of time a business intends to use the equipment all factor into the cost of international business calling.

Even if you isolate the simple costs of making the calls themselves, the results are inconclusive. Vonage for example, charges 1.4 cents per minute to call France from the U.S. (2.9 if the call is mobile). If a company made 1000 non-mobile minutes in a month to France, the cost of those calls would be $14.00. That’s not a cost that’s likely to bankrupt most companies. Without having the full picture of costs, it’s hard to say if Net2Phone has the better deal overall, even if its international costs are free.

Other countries will have a different rate and that could have a major effect on costs. If you need to call Spain, China, or Japan on a regular basis, you are out of luck with Net2Phone; those three are not among the 21 countries it serves outside of the U.S.

Where the Net2Phone deal is going to be compelling is for Avaya IP Office users who are paying through the nose for international calls. Assuming that Net2Phone serves the countries these businesses call, their deal is going to be hard to beat. As for other calling plans, the only way to make an accurate determination will be through a thorough cost analysis; there is no cut and fried answer otherwise. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino