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AmeriDoc Adds Video Conferencing to its Telemedicine Suite

August 23, 2010

Employers, insurance carriers and state funded programs are promoting telemedicine in order to cut down expenditures related with healthcare, as well as to offer enhanced care. With telemedicine, healthcare professionals have the ability to remotely diagnose patients, recommend and monitor treatment. In addition, they can even order tests or prescribe medication.

As such, telemedicine provider AmeriDoc is now offering video conference facility in its list of member services. Thus, patients and doctors are now able to talk in real time virtually face-to-face.

The idea behind a doctor offering medical advice with no face-to-face meeting with the patient is not a new one. For example, this type of treatment was used early back in the 1930s. At that time, Dr. John Brinkley counseled listeners of his radio program on various problems. Now, in this high-tech period, the technological innovations have made virtual consultations more reachable and convenient for both medical professionals and patients.

In a release, Rey Colon who is the chief marketing officer of AmeriDoc said that “Currently, AmeriDoc’s telemedicine services are covered under Medicaid in nearly half the country, but the majority of states mandate that the services include a video consultation.”

The company provides its members with access to a safe member health portal for a low monthly fee. In order to schedule consultation with a licensed physician in their state, the members have to safely log online or contact the company’s 24-hour customer center. Members are free to opt between phone and online video and are immediately connected with a licensed doctor in their state regardless of the time. The system is designed in such a way that it offers diagnosis for common illnesses. If the patients are in serious conditions or need instant care, they are always advised to look for immediate attention.

At present, AmeriDoc offers its services to over 75,000 members countrywide. Also, it has more than 150 licensed physicians nationwide. These Physicians have access to AmeriDoc’s branded telemedicine physician console. There, they can view members’ electronic medical records, record diagnosis and give treatment instructions.

Telemedicine offerings greatly enhance access to care for backward households and rural area residents.

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