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Gravity Jack Creates Augmented Reality Indoor Office

August 23, 2010

Gravity Jack, Inc., a venture-funded company, has created what it calls “the world’s first augmented office indoors” using a closed alpha version of its software development kit. Augmented Reality is nothing but an enhanced version of the real world, whereby the reality is augmented by a computing device. The device can be any iPhone, webcam, mobile device with a camera or even glasses with computing power. A developer of augmented reality products, Gravity Jack also designs custom websites, mobile gaming applications and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems.

Using a combination of 3D objects overlaid with real world video, Augmented reality is commonly used in sports such as such as football and swimming. In such cases, goal lines are superimposed over the live video of the field and moves with the video to indicate the position of goals or records. Gravity Jack’s symbol recognition technology improves accuracy indoors, and also solves lighting and distance problem seen in older technology, according to the company.

“Our new software development kit has allowed us to create the world's first augmented office,” said Aaron Lennon, CIO of Gravity Jack. “From RSS feeds coming out of the walls, to twitter feeds floating in the air, to stock graphs when you look at a NASDAQ ticker, to the world times showing up when you look at a clock.” He added that the company’s innovative technology allows augmented reality to be implemented in any indoor space even with minimum or low light. Lennon also said the company’s products were the outcome of its founders’ love of technology, computer science and math. But the company’s key selling point is the outstanding customer service and experience.


The company offers end-to-end custom software solutions that enable better and faster customer service and decision making. Gravity Jack also offers custom software development, database modeling, e-commerce solutions, hosting/co-location services. From development of Device driver or Wireless LAN to changes in existing code changes or rich client application, Gravity Jack can provide unique solutions from technical specification to infrastructure security and deployment. Gravity Jack services clients including NASDAQ, NNCC, Syncables.com, GeoGuides and Cal Games.

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