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Oakwood Improves Guest Experience via Text Messaging Upgradation to ServiceTrack

August 11, 2010

Oakwood Worldwide is a reputed global provider of temporary housing. Recently, the company announced a text message feature upgradation to ServiceTrack. ServiceTrack is the proprietary technology of Oakwood which monitors the service request and provides management of data round the clock. The users of Oakwood are now able to enjoy the facility of getting a text message update when their service request is completed. Thus, it provides an instant closed loop system.

In a release, Jill Chapman who is the senior vice president of corporate sales and marketing said, "Texting is now an expected method of communication -- over 150 billion messages are sent each month in the U.S. alone. Adding text notifications to ServiceTrack gives our guests access to information faster, via a preferred communication method and without interrupting their day. "

ServiceTrack is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the furnished apartment industry. It links contemporary innovation to customer service and provide guidance to guarantee that each guests got the right interactions and satisfaction. It generates an exclusive ticket for each service request to monitor all guests and service representative communications. Thus, the clients are smoothly updated. This effective system updates clients all through the service process and the loop will be closed automatically with a questionnaire asking for response from the guests. The system creates a communication log if a guest locks themselves out of their unit by mistake or if they face a maintenance emergency. It allows any customer service associate to view the account, communicate with the client effectively, and finish the request fruitfully.

In a release, Hugh Jones who is the vice president of call center operations said, "Through the new ServiceTrack text message feature, Oakwood not only provides a convenient service to our guests, we have saved significant time and resources by texting instead of making a call -- or in some cases multiple calls and playing the age-old phone tag."

There are a number of inventory and supplier management alternatives which facilitates Oakwood to offer the best housing solution. Oakwood, through the ServiceTrack technology, is now able to address any needs of its customers. This is possible with over 3,500 Oakwood associates throughout the world, almost 23,000 apartments, and over 300 network partners. 

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