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English Language Education Delivered by TalktoCanada.com with Cisco WebEx Technology

July 26, 2010

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center has been selected by TalktoCanada.com to deliver full-service, online English language education to students anywhere in the world. TalktoCanada.com is a global company which focuses on helping people to improve their English communications skill through online learning.

Customized course content to meet individual needs are provided by TalktoCanada.com. There is a huge demand for English as globalization increases. Many people who do not have the necessary skills and training are therefore left behind. TalktoCanada.com students can participate in a tailor-made English language program, delivered via Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. They can then communicate with other English speakers around the world for a variety of business purposes more easily. Hundreds of individuals and companies are helped by TalktoCanada.com to improve their English. Interactive lessons using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center are used by the company for the same.

The ability to deliver customized English instruction around the world is given by Cisco WebEx Meeting Center to TalktoCanada.com. Video interactions, application and desktop sharing, and annotation tools are used to help the students learn English quickly. More than ninety-one percent of TalktoCanada.com customers believe learning English via WebEx is easy and effective. This is according to a survey conducted in July 2010 by TalktoCanada.com.

No special downloads are required by Cisco WebEx web meetings. A variety of materials and forms of interaction are easily integrated by Meeting Center's simple interface. Certified instructors teach the TalktoCanada.com courses with a focus to strengthen English skills of global working professionals. These professionals are also helped to prepare for international business events and presentations.

In a release, Marc Anderson, founder, general manager and owner of TalktoCanada.com said, “Our focus has always been on reaching clients worldwide, so we needed to find a well-known corporate solution that provided global access to online classes in a way that's cost-effective. We also needed to be able to provide highly interactive instruction that helps students successfully learn English. Using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, we've created an intimate, collaborative learning environment where we can share pictures to illustrate concepts, pull up slides to clearly explain ideas, and highlight information so all learners are focused on the same thing at the same time.”

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Erin Harrison

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