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In Store Solutions Taking Skype to the SMB

July 21, 2010

Thomas Howe, chief technology officer at In Store Solutions sat down with unified communications today to chat about the company and some exciting new offerings for the market.

In particular, In Store Solutions offers a number of Skype products, that, Howe explained started when Skype approached the company for their Skype-based headsets. This spiraled into creating a number of Skype products for the market. And with great success.

“We’re on the way to offering 500 thousand Skype products in 62 countries this year,” Howe said.

Along with this, the company has Skype retail store fronts in each of the countries and offers transactions in their own currency as well as full support for the products in the local language.

Another key differentiator Howe explained, are strategic relationships which, help with growth and margin.

In particular, a manufacturing relationship with Tatung and a partnership with UPS allow the company to ship out products directly from the warehouse to the buyer.

One product Howe highlighted, FREETALK Connect, makes it possible to get Skype calls on all office phones.

The solution is a PBX appliance for 1-50 users that plugs into a phone and broadband connection and is “zero touch” – making it a perfect solution to target the SMB market.

“Reducing barriers to entry is a huge selling point for SMBs,” Howe said.

Not only is FREETALK a PBX, but Howe explained, it’s also a hybrid solution that allows service providers offer value-add features and services through the box itself.

In addition the PBX appliance, the company is also offering the ability to turn a TV into a Skype video screen with their Crystal WiFi box.

“While video endpoints to an SMB can be a hard sell,” Howe said, at just $300, their offering makes it possible to have high-quality telepresence.

As affordable, unified communications become essential to SMBs and as Skype for Business grows, “In Store Solutions will be a major force,” Howe said.

For more check out, In Store Solutions HERE.

Stefania Viscusi is an assignment editor for unified communications, covering voice and Voice over IP technologies. She also oversees production of unified communications's e-Newsletters in the areas of Internet telephony and speech technology. To read more of Stefania's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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