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InnerPass Helps OAK Horizons to Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration Between Teachers and Students

June 30, 2010

OAK Horizons, a developer of curriculum that aims at creating outstanding healthcare training products for education partners throughout the United States and abroad, has announced that InnerPass, a premium Skype application used by businesses for collaboration has considerably enhanced the training development methodologies and workflows adopted by the company.

Integrating voice, meeting content, online presence, file sharing and meeting rooms, InnerPass enables moderators and educators in hosting one-time meetings or creating persistent rooms for ongoing discussions. Recently, the premium Skype application has begun concentrating its efforts upon the higher education sectors, helping various education organizations to deliver Distance Learning with greater efficacy.

OAK Horizons provides medical training programs focused on transcription and coding, and has recognized the value in InnerPass Technology recently. The company develops curricula for medical transcription and coding for education organizations. With an aim to expand its roster of partnership and client organizations, OAK Horizons needed to set the organization apart from a growing field of competitors, and adopted InnerPass to leverage the technology to implement a system that facilitates real-time collaboration, content sharing and tutorials between teachers and students. The InnerPass technology helps its instructors in inviting students to small-group tutorials with a live-participation component, for those students who request extra time with an instructor.

In the words of Kathryn Martin, owner and instructor at OAK Horizons, when students first start their program, be it medical transcription, coding or billing, the course content tends to be very overwhelming, and real-time introduction is very important and helpful, since the course content tends to overwhelm everyone at first. Martin continued that the company sets up an InnerPass meeting room and walks its students through the first lesson in real-time, and then throughout the semester holds check-in and help sessions. The solution is really helpful for OAK Horizons in setting the right tone with its students, as they'll be learning the material through directed study, but there is real-time help and instruction if they need it, Martin added.

The InnerPass solution features a number of easy-to-use tools that include screen-sharing and 'persistent' meeting rooms, which reduce the cost of online instruction, expand access to education and training opportunities, and bring client organizations to the leading edge of educational and training technology. 

According to Steve Parsloe, CEO and President of InnerPass, moving beyond company's target community of Skype business users and expanding its focus to include higher education organizations has been a great experience. Parsloe noted that InnerPass understands that the efficiencies enjoyed by its business users, including expanded access to information, flexibility in work schedules and collaboration and, most importantly, cost savings can be passed along in a higher education environment as well. 

In October 2009, InnerPass announced that over 1.5 million Skype users utilized its InnerPass application to share and collaborate with their friends and known ones. The company claimed that every two months the number of users using Skype who adopt InnerPass got doubled, and the company served over 30,000 users a day with persistent business collaboration services at that point of time.

Raja Singh Chaudhary is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Raja's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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