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VenueGen Debuts New THUNDER Platform Specifically Designed for 3-D Meetings

June 28, 2010

VenueGen, a provider of 3-D virtual platform for meetings, training and events, has announced the release of the new THUNDER platform, a solution that can facilitate 3-D meetings for freelancers, businesses, bloggers, cause-related organizations and companies that require connection with their audiences or employees.

The company has claimed that users now can reach constituents with a visual, powerful conferencing platform. The platform can be deployed within a matter of minutes because it runs on a browser and no enterprise installation is necessary. Since it is a 3-D meeting platform any organization can instantly have their own conference room for their exclusive use, allowing them to conduct 3-D virtual meetings, including photorealistic avatars, sensurround voice over IP, streaming video and shared content.
"We have consistently heard from customers and industry groups, that our platform is businesslike, immersive, and takes just a few minutes to be productive -- no learning curve," said According to David Gardner, CEO VenueGen. "We are excited to work with the world's leading organizations and innovators who can now reach a global audience of prospective customers, business partners, donors, investors, and employees. Now, every industry association, philanthropist, and cause-related organizations would be able to truly 'connect' with their members. This is a phenomenal new way to interact -- it's clearly the future -- here now."
Unlike web and video conferencing tools that focus on screen sharing or shared content, VenueGen has claimed that it creates an immersive, shared experience that is much more engaging, personal and productive.
The company has claimed that the Thunder platform allows users to: reach a wider audience, create immersive personal experience, save time and travel cost, and engage audience and promote ideas in new, unique ways.
VenueGen has announced a low cost/no cost plan available to qualifying organizations. With THUNDER, organizations can reach their constituents in a more cost-effective manner ranging from $90 to $990 per month and not like other services in which customers have to pay up to $250,000 for 3D virtual events.
VenueGen has claimed that their Thunder platform have definitive advantage over conventional 2D audio or web conferences because real-world events are too costly and don't have enough reach, while webcasting is not personal or engaging. Their solution is both cost-effective with unlimited reach and can also create a sense of presence and personal shared experience between attendees.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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