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Aberdeen's Latest Report Examines the Strategies Used to Change Unified Communications into Quantifiable Business Value

June 14, 2010

Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, has launched a new report that portrays the enterprise communications deployments that have enhanced internal productivity and external reputation. The report, titled "Unified Communications: Improve Customer Satisfaction and Workforce Productivity," exposes the strategies used by 299 organizations for changing unified communications into quantifiable business value.

Unified Communications is a converged environment in which the people are able to communicate with the methods chosen by all parties. These methods include email, unified messaging, voice, video, social media, or other channels. The top 20 percent of organizations got improvement in workforce productivity by 49 percent and customer satisfaction by 53 percent. On the contrary, the bottom 30 percent of organizations were unable to produce any gain in workforce productivity and customer satisfaction despite making similar investments to improve business capabilities via unified communications. The combinations of technologies, people, and processes that authenticated investments in unified communications were revealed in the research while comparing these groups.
In a release, Hyoun Park who is a research analyst at Aberdeen said that 'Unified communications has been poorly defined by the market as a set of technologies rather than as a solution that aligns communications to tactical business interactions and employee preferences. By focusing on solutions that actually increased internal productivity and improved the external face of the company, this research focuses on implementations that provide real results to businesses.'
Apart from that, this report offers a general outline of unified communications, behavioral descriptions of efficient and underachieving solutions, and proposals to steer businesses based on the present maturity class of their enterprise communications deployment.
Aberdeen is the provider of fact-based and detailed research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. In the past two years, Aberdeen has studied about more than 30,000 companies. Aberdeen helps to educate the customers to create market awareness, generate demand, enable sales, and deliver significant return-on-investment analysis. It is considered as a trusted advisor for global technology markets. Organizations turn to Aberdeen for insights to make valuable decisions.
Aberdeen's logical and autonomous view of the 'customer optimization' process widens the client value and highlights the strategic role Harte-Hanks brings to the market.

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