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Nucentcom Corp. Picks Polycom HD Voice Equipment

June 09, 2010

Nucentcom Corp., a provider of video conferencing, firewall installation and monitoring, and VPN services, announced that it has picked as well as purchased HD Voice equipment from Polycom, Inc., a provider of telepresence, video, and voice solutions, for all future installations.

According to Vidyalal Valiyakambrath, chief technology officer of Nucentcom, the company's labs had tested equipment from 20 vendors before finalizing on Polycom.
'We simulated testing environments ranging from ideal to absurd, and only Polycom could handle the load and VoIP circuit discrepancies. Their HD voice technology which uses cutting edge DSPs "digital signal processors" is marvelous. It achieves clarity on par with landlines.'
Nucentcom is installing the Polycom phones at customer premises nationwide as well as abroad within the next two weeks.
Company officials said Polycom's HD Voice technology leverages wideband technology, which allows an end-user to receive twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls.

Generally, IP-based voice communications can take advantage of technologies that may require additional bandwidth but can deliver very high quality voice.
In addition, Polycom's HD Voice also features patented Acoustic Clarity Technology 2 that features the latest full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction technology coupled with advanced voice processing, thereby improving the call quality considerably.
In addition, Polycom's HD Voice also delivers system design that integrates the Polycom software components together with its hardware design that can maximize the overall sound quality of a phone conversation.
In recent news, unified communications reported that Polycom has strengthened UC collaboration with Avaya's while enhancing go-to-market strategy. Polycom also announced its Open Collaboration Network in the news.
The Polycom Open Collaboration Network was launched to strengthen its relationship with UC players such as Microsoft, HP, Juniper, Siemens, Broadsoft, IBM and for the purpose of interoperability. 

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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