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June 04, 2010


Agito Networks, Inc., a provider of innovative solutions in enterprise mobility, announced that Lead411  has named it as a recipient of Lead411's 'Hottest Silicon Valley Companies' Awards.


The information gathered each day by the Lead411 research team through more than 600 press releases and business articles, company launches, customer press releases, and more, is used to determine which companies are the fastest growing companies in the U.S.


Lead411's 'Hottest Companies' awards have been created for recognizing these fast growing companies in different geographic regions, and in the categories like, software, Wireless, Internet, and Media industries.


In a continued effort to extend the Sony Video Conferencing presence throughout the U.S. and Europe, Spire Global, the exclusive source for Sony's IPELA line of IP-based videoconferencing endpoints and accessory products in the U.S. has entered into a partnership relation with Videoworks AS, a Norway headquartered video conferencing technology start-up. 

'This partnership with Videoworks to support European Union customers presents a great opportunity for Spire Global and Sony Video Conferencing,' Eric Murphy, Vice President of Spire Global, said in a release. 'Videoworks has assembled a great team, and we are honored to work with them. This team will bring the same approach to the market as Spire Global -- quite simply, get the good products Sony makes to the market effortlessly.' 

To work as one solution provider to the channel community and end-users who seek collaborative solutions in both geographies, Spire Global and Videoworks will incorporate a sales and support process.


Google announced a new feature on its official Mobile Blog this week: Now its mobile search results will encompass online application stores, including iTunes and the Android Marketplace, according to The Register.  

As industry observer Sam Oliver describes it, "applications show up at the top of search results on Google's mobile site. Selecting an application launches the App Store and takes users to that software's specific listing. The creator of the software, as well as user reviews, are listed alongside the link." 

Software engineers Milena Nikolic and Paul Hadfield told Oliver that the idea is to "help users quickly download an application as they search for mobile app information."



Alice Straight is a unified communications editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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