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Stratos Announces Availability of AmosConnect Crew CommCenter

June 03, 2010

Stratos Global Corporation, a dealer in vital communications, has stated that they have upgraded their AmosConnect Crew satellite communications solution with onboard internet café features.

According to the company, the AmosConnect Crew is a complete packaged communication solution for crewmembers. AmosConnect Crew helps crewmembers to stay in contact with home through calling and sending emails and SMS at reasonable global rates by combining AmosConnect with Stratos ChatCard through a separate account that is maintained for each crewmember. 
The Internet functionality of the new software version not only allows user to send emails but also provide a true onboard Internet café features, such as prepaid web browsing, prepaid chatting and access to global and local news services.
AmosConnect Crew offers a wide range features such as a full crew communication solution that runs entirely separate from the business communication onboard their vessels, solution that bypasses the need for users to manage the crew communication mail boxes, control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online and lots more actually benefitted the ship managers. AmosConnect Crew is based on the SMSCrewMail application from SMS Global Ltd. 
Web Browsing features enables chatting with all major Internet communities, and access to global news services. AmosConnect Crew's latest version is the first complete, pre-paid onboard Internet café solution for crewmembers in the industry. The latest version also offers fully integrated, user-friendly interface for using email, SMS and the Internet. 
Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm stated that the introduction of AmosConnect Crew CommCenter revealed Stratos' commitment and knowledge towards developing the requirements of ship managers with innovative new solutions has helped them recruit and retain qualified seafarers. Crew preferences for robust, integrated communications, as well as management preferences for simplified administration and cost control are fully met by the latest version.
In addition the new version enables ship managers to draw maximum value from their FleetBroadband and OpenPort broadband terminals. With one prepaid Stratos ChatCard, crewmembers can access all modes of communication. Individuals are assigned with a vessel-independent personal mailbox plus an international SMS number that can be used on any ship and on shore. 
Several leading ship-management companies, including Hong Kong's Wallem and Malaysia's MISC Berhad, have deployed AmosConnect Crew to improve crew welfare.     
In related news, Iridium and Stratos supplied  satelitte communication and Stratos got  advance orders for IsatPhone Pro.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight

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