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York Telecom-Savvis Team Up To Provide Managed Cisco Telepresence Service on the Savvis Global Network

May 12, 2010

Video communication has become integral part of today's business process and York Telecom Corporation is one of the few providers that offer premium visual communications services to the enterprises with global presence. York Telecom has now teamed up with Savvis Inc. to provide a complete Cisco TelePresence service to enterprise customers. While installation, management and maintenance aspects will be managed by York Telecom, the network components will be provided by Savvis.

By allowing the executives and businessmen enjoy a live, face-to-face communication, Cisco TelePresence seeks to take corporate collaboration to the next level.

In addition to allowing content sharing and conferencing with people, Cisco TelePresence would also help the companies create high-quality video recordings and events. With this comprehensive networking solution, people can even consult experts and deliver powerful personalized services. And to deliver all these in-person experience, Cisco has used the power of the network.

The collaboration between York Telecom and Savvis helps create a complete managed Cisco TelePresence service. The service is built around Savvis' world-class Application Transport Services (ATS), which is designed to provide network visibility and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) controls optimized for video and voice applications. In addition to certification for Cisco TelePresence transport, ATS offers network embedded security and end-to-end management.

As a result of the Savvis-York Telecom collaboration, the industry gets a service, that can be easily deployed and integrated into most client environments. "By combining a best-in-class solution, such as Cisco TelePresence, with Savvis' world-class network, York Telecom is working to make Cisco TelePresence a service that is easily integrated, deployed and managed in most client environments," Ron Gaboury, President of York Telecom, said.

On the one hand, sufferings from budget crunch in a bad economy, companies are avoiding travel expenses at any cost. On the other hand, outsourcing is on the rise as companies are fast moving from do-it-yourself philosophy toward managed service models. All these are adding importance to video communication and at this juncture, Cisco TtelePresence service come to great help of the big, medium and small enterprises.

"Video communications continues to grow in importance, as companies cut back on travel expenses and raise the bar on employee productivity. At the same time, enterprises are shifting away from do-it-yourself models and toward selective outsourcing to best-of-breed managed service providers," Dennis Brouwer, vice president and general manager of Global Network Solutions for Savvis, explained.

Thanks goes to York Telecom and Savvis for providing the industry with a simplified solution for video collaboration. By providing a robust solution, the managed Cisco TelePresence service is surely going to be a big hit among the small and medium companies.

"York Telecom and Savvis have created a simplified, relevant managed Cisco TelePresence service option for small or medium-sized organizations. We are pleased to welcome another service offering to market to provide our customers more robust options for collaboration," Charles Stucki, vice president and general manager of Cisco TelePresence Systems Business Unit, observed.

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight

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