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Apptix Launches Active Directory Synchronization Tool

May 05, 2010

Apptix today launched the Active Directory Synchronization Tool, which is designed to automatically synchronize changes in on-premise active directory databases to Apptix's hosted active director.

"Our AD Sync tool makes managing hosted services within larger businesses simple and efficient," said James Bond, Vice President of Product and Software Development with Apptix. "By streamlining the process to create and instantly provision new accounts or manage and modify existing accounts, and eliminating the need for multiple passwords, we've made hosted services even more appealing to midmarket and enterprise IT departments. Now, there's no reason not to consider a switch to the cloud for communication and collaboration services."

AD Sync provides customers with a single point to create and manage user accounts and instantly provision Apptix services as well as enhancing the end user experience by synchronizing local domain passwords with Apptix's domain for a unified sign-in experience.

The tool makes it easier for new customers to join Apptix's network by simply duplicating their active directory structure with Apptix using this new AD Sync utility.

Additionally AD Sync allows customers to limit the attributes to be synchronized, synchronize contact changes the local directory to the hosted address book and allow customers to configure what data, and when, it is to be synchronized.

Changes by a customer administrator to the corporate active directory are automatically synchronized with Apptix's network directory. Newly registered AD users can be instantly provisioned with Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint site access rights, and Live Meeting Web Conferencing or Communicator Secure Instant Message accounts. Customers have the flexibility to customize when and what data is synchronized with Apptix.

The AD Sync tool is a secure agent installed in a customer's network and transmits encrypted updates over a secure internet connection to the Apptix OnDemand network. All synchronization is one-way from the customer's AD to Apptix's platform.

Alice Straight is a unified communications editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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