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ANDTEK Delivers Cross-Functional Communication Solutions

May 05, 2010

The complete collection of ANDTEK's unified communications solutions can run on dedicated servers and virtual machines, the company announced.

By making use of this facility, companies can respond flexibly to changing standards in their business communication, can concentrate IT resources and can use the capacities of physical servers in a very effective manner.

ANDTEK, the unified communications specialist, provides cross-functional communication solutions which comprises of fixed network and mobile to manage various applications. Users usually run these communications solutions on a physical server which is specifically reserved for this purpose. The communications solutions, on the other hand, can also be operated on a virtual machine which is integrated to a physical company server.

There are many advantages on using this virtualization which includes less expense, green IT, capacity utilization, higher availability and flexibility. The costs are low especially for hardware, cooling systems, storage space and energy.

"With virtual servers companies can not only integrate additional communication services in a quick and easy way but also have the chance to react flexible when requirements increase,' said ANDTEK manager Roland Russwurm. 'It is very easy to migrate ANDTEK's communications solutions from a hardware-based server to a virtual machine and can be done rapidly. Emergency broadcast systems can be integrated into a communications solution during normal day-to-day business. Presence functions can be used for directory integration and manager/assistant services in a running system.'

The goal of ANDTEK is the realization of Unified Communications Applications and providing solutions for very specific customer requirements in the area of Unified Communications. In addition to the productivity, security and collaboration solutions provided, they help customers to build up a proper application for their requirements. It is one of the few specialized unified communications application vendors which deliver value-added services on one platform. This platform delivers enhanced communications services for unified communications environment. The productivity can be enhanced with computer telephony integration and also by executing services to secure environment.

The main intention of ANDTEK's platform for unified communications applications is to add additional services within the communications environment to streamline communication and make maximum use of the communications processes. Services can be integrated with various end devices, typical office applications and also with mobile devices.

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