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Apptix, Echoworx to Support Healthcare and Finance Compliance Needs

April 21, 2010

Apptix and Echoworx have partnered to provide advanced encryption on e-mail, voice and collaboration services to companies in the healthcare and finance fields.

'Echoworx's solution is a valuable add-on to our hosted Exchange service for customers that have a regulatory need for an extra layer of security,' said James Bond, vice president of product and software development with Apptix. 'This is a further example of Cloud-based services delivering affordable and reliable capabilities businesses need to more effectively compete in today's economic environment.'

Apptix is currently offering Encrypted Mail and anticipates offering Encrypted Mail Gateway later in the year, both from the Echoworx suite of privacy applications. These will be offered to customers as security bundles.

Encrypted Mail gives organizations the ability to enforce e-mail encryption right at the desktop eliminating the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended recipient. Encrypted Mail Gateway is a policy-based managed encryption solution that provides organizations with an easy way to enforce e-mail encryption without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of their employees.

'This partnership is a testament to the role that managed encryption services is playing in addressing the growing need to protect confidential information in all facets of communication, including e-mail and messaging services,' said Michael Ginsberg, president and CEO of Echoworx. 'As a SaaS model, our solution is helping world-class organizations like Apptix, as well as Symantec, AT&T, British Telecom and Verizon overcome the complexities of deploying end-to-end encryption solutions.'

Apptix recently announced the launch of Apptix Hosted Exchange for Apple, a new hosted offering that provides native integration of Apple-based communications applications with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Alice Straight is a unified communications editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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