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5th Province Ventures Explores Location-Based Technology

April 19, 2010

The "Luck of the Irish" appeared to be in full swing at CTIA 2010 and 5th Province Ventures was in attendance to catch up on the latest industry happenings. To share some of what the company does and what it anticipates are great opportunities in this market, CTO Gary McDarby visited with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani in the TMC media booth. This interview was captured in a video for unified communications readers.


The name of this innovative company alone is something worth investigating. It seems that there are traditionally four provinces in Ireland and each leader of the province will decide on key issues. When a major problem occurs, however, a fifth province must be brought in to help with a resolution.

This proverbial "fifth province" is the basis for 5th Province Ventures as the company takes a similar approach with startups today. McDarby is excited about the new ideas being shared at CTIA and those brought to 5th Province on a continual basis.

"Ideas are where it is all at, but they are also where things are most fragile," said McDarby. So, they need to be given a little lubrication, a little resources before people get it."

As for great ideas he has found, McDarby is excited about a very simple concept of bringing key players together in a university setting. Many of the best startup ideas come from the educational sector, but too often the key players are dispersed throughout the campus. McDarby believes there is great opportunity in bringing these individuals together for collaboration.

McDarby is also excited about location-based services and considers this to be one of the most interesting spaces. He believes that while we spend an awful lot of time staying connected, we do so at the cost of real, face-to-face time. He is looking at platforms now that allow for deeper connections that start out as anonymous interactions.

"This is a real benefit for people who are elderly or lonely," said McDarby. "How many people around you are key people you want to connect with." He highlighted that there are so many people without a specific geographic area that can easily connect, but don't know about each other without the right platform. The anonymity element of this approach helps to keep it safe for the user.

For more on 5th Province Ventures and McDarby's insights, check out the videobelow.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for unified communications and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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