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NEC Provides WiMAX Base Stations Equipped with ArrayComm's PHY Baseband Solution

April 07, 2010

ArrayComm, a provider of physical layer solutions for wireless infrastructure and client device applications, has announcedthat NECselected the first WiMAX base stations featuring ArrayComm's PHY solution, includingA-MAS multi-antenna signal processing software for application in a commercial operation in Japan's UQ Communications network.

ArrayComm provided its PHY baseband solution to NEC for NEC's PasoWings BS 202 BTS realization.

The PHY baseband solution ensures cost-effective performance at an economical cost, while maintaining full profile and standards compliance.

"We are proud of this successful collaboration with NEC to jointly integrate our WiMAX solution into NEC's market-leading PasoWings BS202 base station," said Bruce Duysen, president of ArrayComm. "UQ Communications' major metropolitan areas are ideal environments to show ArrayComm's extensive experience in all aspects of baseband technology, including our A-MAS advanced multi-antenna signal processing software."

"By partnering with ArrayComm, we were able to save development cost, and most importantly reduce development lead-time," also said K. Jay Miyahara, corporate chief engineer, NEC. "We now have a valuable partner to help us stay ahead of the competition and penetrate new markets."

NEC is one of two BTS vendors selected to support UQ Communications' nation-wide mobile WiMAX network in Japan.

A major provider of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions, 

NEC Corporation is geared to fulfill the requirements of diversified global base of customers. NEC employs 150,000 people worldwide to offer tailored solutions in the aresof computer, networking and electron devices.


Divya Narain is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Divya's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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