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Blue Spark Launches First Text Messaging Service for Mother-to-Child Interaction

April 05, 2010

A new online service called MomsMessenger.com has been introduced by Blue Spark Interactive, LLC. With the newly launched service, it will become quick and easy for parents to have two-way text messaging conversations with their children, family, and friends from any computer.

Combining the best features of Instant Messaging and Text Messaging, this proprietary technology delivers an “Instant-Text Message.” This web-based service will lessen the worries of parents when trying to stay in touch with children and teenagers.

The online service, MomsMessenger.com, without the need for software downloads, allows two-way text message conversations.

Any computer with an active Internet connection will be able to communicate with any mobile device that is capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Owing to MomsMessenger.com, there will be no need to wrestle with tiny mobile keyboards or number pads to type messages.  With a full-sized computer keyboard, an especially useful feature in situations that make sending messages with a mobile device inconvenient, parents can communicate with ease and comfort.

The need to learn special, abbreviated text lingo that often seems like a foreign language is also eliminated with this service. User can simply type “See You Later” instead of “CUL8R.”  “On screen” text libraries are available for those moms who still want to speak the “text” language. This allows them to “Click and Send” popular phrases.

Parents can type their messages in plain English and can keep up with their increasingly mobile kids at any time.  The service gives an opportunity to parents to interact with their busy children and teenagers easily.

MomsMessenger.com also offers a variety of premium features including Group Messaging, Text Event Calendar, Customizable Text Libraries, Message Archiving, Message Forwarding, and much more.

In related news, ATA strongly supports the Department of Transportation's proposal of a permanent rule to prohibit text messaging on handheld devices by interstate commercial truck and bus drivers.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire

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