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SMARTdesks Launches Boomerang Video Conferencing Furniture

March 05, 2010

Video conferencing has made corporate communications easier, faster, hassle free and less expensive.
SMARTdesks’ Boomerang Video Conferencing furniture is going to make it more attractive, functional and affordable for the organization. It is a timely innovation that is expected to help meet demand for rapid adoption of HD teleconferencing.

SMARTdesks, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of furniture for video conferencing environments, has been serving corporate communications, governments, higher education and scientific communities.
With Boomerang, SMARTdesks has introduced design distinctions in the arena of video conferencing. Designed for two-camera/screen or three-camera/screen telepresence geometries, Boomerang series of conference furniture include genuine flipIT appliances.
These installations help the users view presentation data right in the user space. No on-site customization is required at the time of installation. World-class corporate image is shipped to any destination worldwide.
True to their shapes, Boomerang line of conference tables look as if they are airborne in the room. The tables are supported by stable, robust tubular steel legs. Thus designed it is capable of giving a sculptural support for the top and modesty panel that arrange the participants for the cameras.
The line of furniture boasts of top of the line construction materials such as 30mm MDF, contour milled and fully encapsulated in high performance 3D thermofoil. The use of high end materials increases its resistance to scratches and other wear and tear effects. The boomerang furniture is designed in a way that they retain their good looks despite the most aggressive environmental factors such as shipboard marine environments.
Boomerang comes packed with a range of innovative features for making a clutter free video collaboration possible for any organization. The patented flipIT appliances are integrated into the Boomerang top with matching surfaces.
It also incorporates flipIT Laptop Safes in 18 or 23 models, which accommodate 432mm (17 in) laptops, the 23 giving more side room for laptop power and data connections.
The innovative design of the furniture enable the participants dress the laptops for the camera, present data to the users, and then quickly put it away, clearing the desktop to remove visual clutter from the video composition.
Similarly, flipIT wide screen LCD stations, available in 19 and 23 widths, accommodate 16:9 aspect ratio displays up to 508mm (20 in) and 610mm (24 in) diagonal, respectively.
The greatest advantage with Boomerang is that it allows participants to have presentation data in the user space. This makes it easier for the user to look at their data while giving their presentation. With this, the people on camera find a context for the presenters’ averted eye movement that shows engagement, and in this way the chances of sending the cues of errant body language are eliminated.
Truly, Boomerang Video Conferencing Furniture paves the way for a more effective and clutter free corporate communication worldwide.

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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