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@Comm's CommView Now Follows Avaya Nortel Roadmap

February 12, 2010

More companies are seeing the signposts to the future of business communications including customer interactions erected by Avaya’s new roadmap for Nortel that is intended to pave new solutions by using the best of both firms’ engineering and products while supporting existing lines. Organizations that own existing Avaya and Nortel gear or are contemplating buying the next-gen products stand to win.

@ Comm Corporation is one of those companies that have picked up the new atlas, which in turn is helping to see that Avaya reaches its destination through supporting present Avaya and Nortel products and new Avaya solutions. It has worked with both firms. At Comm reports that its CommView call accounting reporting platform continues to provide seamless compatibility and reporting support for Avaya® and Nortel® legacy PBX and IP-PBX systems, as well as Avaya's new Aura® architecture. @Comm's CommView products are immediately available for all Avaya and Nortel customers in the USA and Canada.
Companies utilizing Avaya, Nortel, or any combination of both business systems can use a single CommView system to generate uniform reports to meet all their network reporting and analysis needs. CommView collects, processes and unifies all Avaya and Nortel Call Data Records (CDRs) from any mix of IP-PBX and PBX models into a single set of consistent unified reports, regardless of PBX brand, number of locations and network size.
CommView is available in two versions: a complete, easy-to-set-up customer premise-based application; and as a secure, Web-hosted, subscription service. Its lines have universal interoperability which protects customers' investments while eliminating the need for special training. CommView’s design lets customers be fully conformant with Avaya's new joint Aura roadmap announced recently.
“@Comm's CommView call accounting solutions family has maintained an ongoing certification under Avaya's DevConnect program for several generations and, as well, @Comm has been a longtime Nortel Enterprise Open Developer,” Bob Boyd, the company’s executive vice president, said. “CommView's product family provides universal telemanagement solutions for departmental productivity reporting, expense management, traffic analysis, toll fraud detection, security and personnel call productivity for a wide variety of VoIP IP PBX and legacy PBX systems.”
CommView automates report access and delivery around the clock to department managers and supervisors, regardless of location. Reports are easy to read, and have been optimized for on-line access and on-the-fly interpretation. CommView reports may be delivered via e-mail, on a scheduled basis, or on-demand, with secure access provided via a standard web browser. No user training is needed.
“CommView is deployed in many instances with companies relying on multiple brands such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, ShoreTel or other brands and mixes of IP and traditional technologies,” Dave Cyr, director of sales, said. “There are numerous instances where brands or technologies changed while CommView has been implemented in addition to new deployments that required the support of a mixed environment from day one. Either way, this flexibility benefits our customers as no forklifts or changes in the product are required other than minor set-up adjustments to accommodate different CDR formats.”

Brendan B. Read is unified communications’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney

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