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Cliqset Announces Integration with Evernote

February 08, 2010

Cliqset has announced integration with the multi-platform information capturing tool, Evernote.
Thanks to this integration, users of Cliqset and Evernote can now archive social content – photos, status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, music, documents and more – that they want to remember or save, to their Evernote account. In addition, they will be able to organize it in a centralized location, and access it anytime from their computer or mobile device.

With Cliqset, users can share, discover, and discuss content from everywhere on the Web. It helps users to filter through the activity, like status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, articles, music and more.
Cliqset said that over the last few months, it has continued to evolve by consistently developing new features that help users filter through the noise and consume the social stream the way they want to.
Cliqset’s Evernote integration enables users to discover and organize their social content for access on-the-go, at home or in the office; organize and tag social content as they choose, creating a synchronized portfolio of important information from across the Web.
In additions, users can search for, find and remember that note, picture, news article or blog post in their notebook for a project, trip, to-do list or any other archiving need, said company officials. Plus, they can share more information to Evernote from a variety of online environments such as Cliqset AIR app, Firefox extension and bookmarklet.
“Evernote has changed the way people think about organizing, archiving and documenting their lives and the Cliqset integration gives users another way to capture great content,” said Darren Bounds, president and co-founder of Cliqset.
Phil Libin, CEO at Evernote, added that Cliqset makes it easy for people to find, share and discuss content from around the social Web, and with the Evernote integration anything from their activity streams can be saved, synced and always accessible.

Anshu Shrivastava is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Anshu’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Erin Harrison

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