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Mitsubishi Offers Bigfix Software to SaaS Providers, Gains Competitive Edge

February 02, 2010

Mitsubishi Corp. has launched a business to offer the PCs & Servers unified management software of BigFix Inc. through Infosec Corp.’s subsidiary to Sofware-as-a-Service, or “SaaS,” providers.

According to company officials, Mitsubishi has offered the software to Hitachi Systems, for use in the latter's SaaS type endpoint security service, EdgeScreen. Customers can begin receiving EdgeScreen security services employing the BigFix software from Hitachi Systems' monitoring center beginning Feb. 1, 2010.
Market growth in Saas is expected, in part because SMEs will not be required to invest in these services in order to benefit from them.
Mitsubishi is one of BigFix's main partners, and both the trading company and its subsidiary Infosec have pledged strong support for SaaS providers like Hitachi Systems to expand their businesses.
Unified management software includes PCs & Servers unified management, which is about unified solutions management necessary for PCs and servers used by businesses, combining security management, inventory management and power management.
While SaaS providers means that providers which hold software assets on behalf of customers and provide their services via networks.
Benefit of BigFix for SaaS providers are that firstly the software from BigFix unifies business endpoint, such as PCs and servers, management. Currently, it is being used to manage more than 8,000,000 PCs, servers, and mobile devices.
Secondly, by introducing the software as an operational platform, SaaS providers can manage several hundred thousand PCs with just a single server. The ultra-lightweight agent program facilitates upload of multiple functions, providing unified management of security, inventory, and power. The energy savings gained through BigFix's products are becoming more and more sought after by businesses.
In the Unified Communication’s space, BT Conferencing, a provider of audio, video and web alliance services, launched a fully managed computerized service for TANDBERG solutions called BT One Source for TANDBERG. The new one source service is said to have all the existing service features such as tele-presence, video conferencing combined with a total management service. The package offers the clients user-friendly, consistent and cost-effective communication solutions.

Hans Lewis is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire

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