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Yuuguu Intros Enhanced Web Conferencing Tool

January 28, 2010

Yuuguu, a U.K.-based provider of instant screen sharing, real time collaboration and Web conferencing services, has added a new conferencing tool to the growing unified communications market.

The company introduced Yuuguu Corporate, an online collaboration tool, which links Web conferencing, a “business-class” instant messenger and presence into a single, customizable platform. With it, users can embed Web conferencing into a company’s Web site, simplify scheduling, add custom branding to Web conferencing sessions, enhance session security and integrate toll-free audio conferencing services.
According to the company, Yuuguu Corporate is an alternative to existing Web conferencing technologies and has been developed for sales teams and corporate web conferencing technology users.
Yuuguu Corporate offers screen sharing and remote support, audio conferencing, instant messaging, but there’s one difference that helps the company stand out in the crowded UC space. It also adds a new layer to make the software more business and user friendly.
Unlike other conferencing services, Yuuguu Corporate lets users embed meeting details with existing calendars including Outlook, Google Calendar and Lotus Notes. Users no longer need to keep their own calendar synchronized with their Web conferencing service.
Yuuguu Corporate is designed to improve the ROI on Web conferencing and online collaboration spend, according to company officials. The product’s fixed cost organization-wide licensing offers companies the chance to hold an unlimited number of Web conferences/screen-sharing sessions with partners, suppliers and customers.
Anish Kapoor, co-founder and CEO of Yuuguu, said the new online collaboration service “fills a gap in the market.” In a video interview for unified communications, Kappor said Yuuguu Corporate addresses two issues users discovered with other conferencing services. It lets sales team properly communicate instantly and also lets users collaborate internally with colleagues, as well as business partners.
The company is specifically targeting organizations that want to extend Web conferencing facilities to 100 to 500 users.
“That makes us that much more attractive to larger businesses and builds on our competitive [set] in the marketplace,” Kapoor told unified communications.
“We are all under pressure to do more in less time,” Kapoor said. “Web conferencing is a great tool to help you do that. It allows you to keep in contact with your customers or business partners or your colleagues… to do it without having to travel. You can pack a whole lot more in your day.”
For more on Yuuguu and its new conferencing tool, check out the video interview with unified communications.
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