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CSC Launches UC Services Platform

December 16, 2009

CSC, which provides systems design, development, and integration services, has placed its stake in the growing unified communications or “UC” market, with the launch of its new Unified Communications Services Portfolio.

CSC will design, build, integrate and manage this suite of services for enterprise-scaled firms. Key components of this platform are technologies that connect remote and mobile workers and which deliver messaging and presence integration, fixed and mobile integration, IPT services, desktop video and collaboration and Communications Enabled Applications, also known as “CEA.”
CSC says it brings a “unique approach to UC” one that is focused on enabling and integrating multi-vendor environments by leveraging existing infrastructure investments and introducing new processes and technologies according to a client-specific strategic communications roadmap. Unlike other services which are limited to a single platform, CSC’s offering can be integrated into clients’ chosen environment and business processes, allowing them to choose the presence, conferencing and messaging applications of their choice.
Combining its expertise in key verticals and infrastructure outsourcing capabilities, CSC can design and build environments that tie directly into clients’ business applications. Through further integration and enablement of key business processes, CSC’s UC offerings “improve worker connectedness, reduce human latency, enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue acceleration through reduced time to market.”
Working closely with strategic technology partners and leveraging its global managed services delivery infrastructure, CSC has made investments to design and build a service offering that accommodates multi-vendor hardware and software environments. CSC is currently implementing the solution for both U.S. federal and commercial clients, spanning verticals including aerospace and defense, chemical, energy and natural resources.
“With improved business process efficiencies and new ways to communicate with customers and business partners, CSC’s proven solutions help our customers achieve their business-critical goals more quickly and cost-effectively,” said Jason Cory, vice president & global portfolio executive. “Our Unified Communications Services bundle delivers immediate value and measurable results to our clients.”
The UC services announcement falls on the heels of CSC’s further expansion into another hot area: cloud computing. It rolled out in November its Cloud Adoption Assessment Service that is aimed at identifying the right business process and IT services when moving to the cloud from premise-installed solutions.

CSC’s Cloud Adoption Assessment gives businesses a head start in understanding the complexity of the cloud computing ecosystem. The new service performs a process-centric analysis of a company’s existing technology set-up using a Suitability Scorecard. By focusing on business processes, rather than on infrastructures or architectures, CSC creates it says “a top-down assessment that maps to the company's strategic objectives.”
At the end of a three-week assessment firms will receive a tailored cloud adoption roadmap for the target processes and a high-level benefits assessment. They will also receive an understanding of:

*          How to align their cloud computing strategy with their business strategy
*          Which parts of their business are suitable for moving to a cloud-based delivery model and which ones are not
*          How much of each process they should put into the cloud: whether they should retain control in house, but use cloud-based infrastructure, buy the entire process in as a service or something in between
*          Which services are enterprise-ready and offer the right levels of security and governance for their business
*          The impact on procurement and what to consider before signing on the dotted line.
“By taking a strategically streamlined approach and evaluating the best course of action for each individual enterprise, we can help organizations maximize the benefits and reduce the risk associated with cloud computing,” said Brian Boruff, vice president of Global Cloud Computing for CSC.

Brendan B. Read is unified communications’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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