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Virtra Receives Firearm Training Simulator Orders from Police Forces in Georgia and Tennessee

November 25, 2009

VirTra Systems has reportedly received purchase orders from top police departments in both Georgia and Tennessee for VirTra’s compact and affordable IVR-180 HD firearms training simulator.

According to a press release, the order from Georgia comes from the Henry County Police Department.

Company officials said that their custom firearm training system will be an IVR-180 HD firearm-training simulator, which includes recoil kits for a Glock 22, tetherless recoil kits, Threat-Fire II belts, and marksmanship and decision making training scenarios.

This is will be the fifth VirTra simulator sold into the state of Georgia.

The Tennessee order comes from the Metro Nashville Police Training Academy (MNPD) in Nashville.

Company officials said that their custom firearm training system is also an IVR-180 HD firearm-training simulator, which includes recoil kits for a Glock 22, a shotgun insert, and marksmanship and decision making training scenarios.

“While it is rewarding to see our technology becoming the industry standard in firearms training simulation overseas, it is very satisfying to know that our products will help save lives in the United States as well,” said Bob Ferris, CEO of VirTra, in a statement.

VirTra Systems says that it produces the best-in-class firearm simulators for both law enforcement and military customers throughout the world.

Back in October VirTra Systems had announced that the company has received an order for a five screen, 300-degree IVR-300 4G military skills training simulator from the 819th Global Support Squadron.

Their firearms training system includes recoil kits, M-4/M-16 tetherless recoil kits, a flashlight system, a shotgun insert, M9 tetherless recoil kits, Threat-Fire belts, heavy weapon kits for the M240 and M249 firearms and a full library of training scenarios.

The 819th Global Support Squadron wanted the most realistic and effective simulator training available, which made VirTra’s firearms training simulator the natural choice.

Used to prepare U.S. Air Force Personnel before overseas deployment, VirTra’s top-of-the-line simulation technology helps save the lives of service members and civilians alike through more realistic 300-degree training.

In addition, the system can safely “shoot back” at the trainee via the Threat-Fire belt, which delivers a split-second electric stun, adding real-world pressure during a simulated exercise. 

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Anil’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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