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Kirusa Sings New Tweet by Phone Service

November 24, 2009

Want to update your Twitter status without running off the road or being pulled over in the growing list of U.S. states that have multimedia distracted driver laws? Seeking to send messages that are richer and conveys your tone much better than mere characters typed in?

Kirusa, which develops mobile value added services, has just your song with its new Call-n-Tweet service. Call-n-Tweet enables Twitter users to send Voice Tweets (short audio snippets) to update their Twitter presence. The Call-n-Tweet service is currently in alpha and is available to U.S. Twitter users.

Call-n-Tweet holds various benefits for the Twitter community over a standard text tweet including:
--Easier and faster to tweet using voice
--Users can safely “voice tweet” hands free, even while driving
--Audio works better than simple text as your voice can convey your emotions
--Sending an audio message is a richer medium and users are not restricted to the message length of 160 characters

Here’s how Call-n-Tweet works. To get started, a user signs up at callntweet.com. During sign up that person is asked to authorize Call-n-Tweet to connect to their Twitter account and provide the phone number from which they will Call-n-Tweet. Subsequently, the user can use the Call-n-Tweet service anytime by calling +1 212-796-6975.

Once the call is connected, the user can simply speak a tweet and hang up. The user's status on twitter.com is then automatically updated with a URL link to the voice tweet and all followers are notified by Twitter. A follower can simply click on the link to hear the voice tweet and comment on it. Users can also visit callntweet.com to search for interesting audio clips, and to rate and comment on them.

“Call-n-Tweet is an exciting service that continues the Kirusa tradition of bringing innovative user friendly value added services to the market place,” says Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO Kirusa. “The popularity of Twitter is tremendous and, until now, there really wasn’t an efficient way to tweet using your voice from the mobile phone. Call-n-Tweet allows any mobile user to just speak and update their status on Twitter, providing a safe and convenient alternative to texting. We plan to leverage our existing Kirusa deployments and operator relationships worldwide to bring the Call-n-Tweet user experience in other countries as well.”

Brendan B. Read is unified communications’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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