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Adobe Unleashes New Web Site Look with Productivity, Collaboration Capabilities

November 23, 2009

Adobe Systems Incorporated, a provider of information technology and software solutions, has reportedly introduced a new and updated version of its Web site, Acrobat.com. The new Web site is equipped with several major updates that will help organizations in collaborating in a convenient and smooth way, the company said.

Users accessing Acrobat.com will find more than 35 features that have been included after being suggested by them, and will help in their work when communicating and collaborating over the Web. The Web site now offers smartphone access, so that users can reach it from anywhere, regardless of their location.
The company has included an easy-to-use online file organizer so that users organize their work in an enhanced way through the site itself. The site has a number of applications, which can help the users in working together across organizations without the hassle of using ftp servers or worrying about e-mailing large files.
Users just need an Internet-connected computer or supported smartphone to have a real-time access to all of their files on Acrobat.com. The site now helps users conduct Web meetings from Macs or PCs with Adobe ConnectNow.
The new site leverages the applications such as Adobe Buzzword, which help users work together to co-author and obtain feedback on documents, without the need for multiple versions.
ScanR has developed a new mobile application for Acrobat.com, through which the users can upload document images from a supported mobile phone. The images are automatically stored as searchable PDF files in Acrobat.com.
They can also read, share and fax their documents stored within the site through Acrobat.com organizer or right from their smartphone itself. The free service lets users send two outbound faxes and upload up to five documents from a mobile phone. Purchasing an upgrade they are able to fax or upload more documents.
The new release of the site includes enhancements to Buzzword, and Presentations and Tables. These tools are currently in beta stage, previously available at Acrobat.com Labs. The users of Presentations can now import PPT/PPTX files, and export their tables to PDF, XLS or CSV for sharing data in multiple formats. Buzzword now enables them export their documents in the eBook reader friendly digital publishing format EPUB, compatible with eBook readers such as Stanza on the iPhone, Sony Reader, and so on.
Recently, Adobe Systems Incorporated had launched the beta versions of Adobe AIR 2 and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 software from Adobe Labs for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Raja Singh Chaudhary is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Raja's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney

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