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HarQen's VoiceScreener Helps Pinstripe in Recruiting New Candidates

February 20, 2009

Pinstripe Inc has stated that it is going to employ HarQen’s VoiceScreener to screen fit candidates during its hiring process. Pinstripe has asserted that as a recruitment process outsourcing provider, they find VoiceScreener to be an ideal talent alignment optimization tool.

Pinstripe, Inc. designs, builds and delivers high-performance talent acquisition and management solutions. HarQen is a Web telephony company that develops smart, easy-to-use business applications that solve real world problems.
VoiceScreener for HR is the principal application built on HarQen's platform which is designed to accommodate both small business and large enterprises to pre-screen candidates through low cost and time saving methods.
Human Resources departments in companies will find it very hard to pick optimal candidates if they are flooded with resumes, especially now given the recent increase in unemployment. VoiceScreener helps them simplify the screening tasks during the early stages of hiring. It eliminates the need to coordinate first round interviews and helps to identify great candidates faster, more efficiently and more effectively.
"At a time when we are managing an unprecedented influx of candidates for every open requisition, VoiceScreener helps to ensure that we uncover the best possible candidates on behalf of our clients, screening them for the most appropriate role, and providing them with important information related to our client and their brand," said Susan Marks, CEO of Pinstripe, Inc. "The technology improves speed, accuracy, and quality. It's remarkable. All technology products make this claim, but very few actually deliver."
The VoiceScreener solution enables HR managers to make use of their phones with a Web-based dashboard to prepare and distribute custom pre-recorded phone interviews. Candidates can be provided with the means to attend the interviews and their answers can also be seamlessly shared with clients for their review, anytime, anywhere.
According to company officials, this process is proving to be very valuable in increasing candidate responsiveness as it provides a quick way for companies to process resumes.
Pinstripe, a full-service talent acquisition and recruitment process outsourcing provider for blue chip brands, including AT&T, Johns Manville, Kodak, Imagine Nation Books, and others, has integrated HarQen's VoiceScreener into its recruitment process.
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