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Tektronix Communications Expands its OptiMon Suite, Introduces K2Air

February 17, 2009

Tektronix Communications, a worldwide provider of communications monitoring and test solutions, announced recently that the GeoLocalization module will accompany its OptiMon suite of advanced network optimization products designed for operators.

The OptiMon GeoLocalization is based on an innovative algorithm which processes radio measurements data reported by network and handset data, the module provides a geographic view of subscriber activities, failure events and radio conditions and the results are plotted on a geographic map, enabling significant productivity enhancements and reduced time-to-resolution with instant knowledge of the service issue location.
“Network infrastructure expenses still represent the largest portion of mobile operators’ total costs. Facing the challenges of today’s economic environment, wireless operators have an increased focus on minimizing and optimizing both CAPEX and OPEX to ensure profitability, growth and remain competitive,” said Martin Kuerzinger, VP and GM Test & Optimization, Tektronix Communications.
The company claims that with the addition to OptiMon, each network handset will virtually become a drive test device as users will be capable of precisely identifying the location of performance or coverage problems, QoS/QoE issues and traffic distributions on geographic maps.
OptiMon customers will also benefit with Quality of Experience (QoE) KPIs for voice, data (HTTP, Email, FTP, Ping) and video services. The KPIs will be displayed in TrendNavigate dashboards and users are able to drilldown into call details. TrendNavigate, a KPI trend analysis tool, provides high-level statistical analysis combined with drill-down cause analysis. 
Kuerzinger added, “Cost reduction and optimization need to be implemented without compromising network performance and service quality since customer retention and long term loyalty are still primary goals for wireless operators as competition is increasing and margins shrinking.”
Through the extended visibility on network and service performances and the advanced algorithms allowing fast and accurate correlation of radio access events and parameters, OptiMon has proven possible to achieve significant savings in CAPEX and OPEX related to Optimization activities, according to company officials.
Tektronix Communications also announced the availability of K2Air, a monitoring system supporting LTE networks with Uu Interface monitoring capabilities. K2Air, collects data via digital RF interfaces e.g. CPRI and completes Tektronix Communications’ portfolio of test, monitoring and optimization solutions for LTE operators and network equipment manufacturers, company officials said.
“Despite the impact of the declining global economy, LTE technology development and market progress are accelerating at an increased speed,” said Kuerzinger. “Tektronix Communications strives to provide customers with the most updated, relevant solutions supporting wired and mobile standards, including LTE. Consumers expect the latest services and applications, and therefore it is imperative for network suppliers and operators not only to remain one step ahead, but maintain the highest levels of quality as these new services are commercially deployed.”
The K2Air probe provides insight into air interface performance and key eNodeB functionality. The probe is fully integrated with Tektronix Communications’ protocol monitoring solutions for performance test and monitoring in lab verification and live network-troubleshooting environments; it provides seamless, fully correlated LTE wireless and wireline monitoring. 
The K2Air probe supports promiscuous mode uplink and downlink monitoring of up to 300 UEs in parallel on the air interface in real time. It correlates this information with data on fixed LTE as well as legacy 2G and 3G interfaces, allowing end-to-end monitoring of network and network element performance.
With existing technologies such as GSM/GPRS and UMTS, considerable information on how the access network is functioning – with critical insight on access issues such as congestion, interference and coverage problems – is available on wireline network interfaces that can be monitored using traditional tools such as Tektronix Communications’ Network and Service Analyzer (NSA) suite.
The new K2Air probe will be fully integrated into Tektronix Communications’ NSA suite of products.

Jessica Kostek is a channel editor for unified communications, covering VoIP, CRM, call center and wireless technologies. To read more of Jessica’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jessica Kostek

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