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Shunra Enrolls in Microsoft VSIP Program; Enables Developers to Test Software

January 12, 2009

In an effort to bridge the gap between the WAN emulation capabilities of Virtual Enterprise (VE) Desktop and Microsoft Visual Studio, Shunra Software, a provider of WAN emulation and software development testing solutions, has joined the Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIP) Program.

The VSIP Program boasts approximately 200 partners and provides technical and marketing support to members who have integrated their products with Visual Studio.
With its new VSIP membership, Shunra will integrate VE Desktop with Visual Studio, giving customers simple way to ensure that their applications run effectively over the production network.
In the form of a plug-in, this capability enables developers to easily verify whether their software code will run into performance problems when deployed over the live network.
"By working with Microsoft, we are confident that VE Desktop will help provide developers using Visual Studio with the ability to better understand and resolve application performance issues before the QA process and prior to end-user impact," said Matt Reid, vice president of worldwide marketing, Shunra.
According to Reid, VE Desktop for Visual Studio enables the developer community to adopt a hands-on approach when developing applications that perform as expected and are network-aware.
“The bonus is that organizations deploying this solution will significantly reduce costly redesigns, application rollbacks, or prolonged testing that commonly occurs in early stage network testing processes,” explained Reid.
"Microsoft is pleased to have Shunra Software join the VSIP Program and add more depth to software development processes," said Joe Marini, director of Development Tools Ecosystem at Microsoft Corporation. "Integrating VE Desktop with Visual Studio will help customers design their software with the network in mind from the beginning. Ultimately, this will benefit developers and companies that expect high performing applications to run optimally over the WAN."
When this new capability is used on a regular basis, it functions as a routine check so applications do not get sent back to development after QA testing. Other uses include database testing, assessing authentication efficiencies, testing Web page design, SOA or mash up design testing.
Julie Craig, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates, is thrilled about this integration and believes it is an exciting step for application development professionals who are aware of the importance of creating software for the network and want to cut costs and time to market.
"Bugs found early in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) are exponentially cheaper to fix than those found during QA or production," stated Craig.
VE Desktop for Visual Studio is an easy to install plug-in and can be purchased online for $99 per desktop at: http://www.shunra.com/shunra_store. In addition, a free trial of the solution can be downloaded at: http://www.shunra.com/free_ve_desktop_microsoft_visual_studio_trial .
Shunra's solutions enable development, quality assurance, pre-deployment and operations teams to create an exact replica of their production environment or design what-if network scenarios. This allows them to predict exactly how applications or infrastructure changes will perform in any networked environment--before they are launched.
The company’s services and solutions are usually deployed in projects including data center consolidation; application performance readiness testing; VoIP testing; website testing and WAN optimization technology testing.

Michelle Robart is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Michelle's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart

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