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Latest TANDBERG Codian Simplifies Video Conferencing

December 16, 2008

With organizations turning to video conferencing to reduce costs and industry experts are projecting an annual growth rate of over 20% in video conferencing and telepresence system sales in the next five years, it would behoove businesses and individuals to have the ability to easily and securely connect over video.

Of course back in 1979, British New Wave group The Buggles new that video was going to be huge, “Video killed the radio star. / In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone too far. / Pictures came and broke your heart put the blame on VTR.” By the way, what’s a VTR?
Fast forward to today, TANDBERG, provider of video conferencing and telepresence solutions, in response to the growing need of video, introduced version 2.0 of the TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series, a fully interoperable solution that enables customizable, instant access between video conferencing endpoints from all major vendors.
According to Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, “Video communication has become mission critical for many companies and will continue to expand as globalization and economic challenges force businesses to seek solutions that can help reduce travel costs while maintaining productivity and collaboration.”
“This growth in video conferencing has fueled increased interest in communicating with public video callers in a way that is user-friendly, manageable, and secure. The latest version of the TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 makes internal resources accessible to external video callers without sacrificing ease of use or security,” she said. 
The TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series allots businesses to have the ability to choose to implement automated menu systems or have a live receptionist to connect with their customers or partners over video.
A more personal and interactive video communication experience can be enabled by a main switchboard number for companies to distribute to vendors, customers and the public for access to predetermined departments or individuals within the company. With a customizable interface, companies can also determine the look and feel of their callers’ experience.
“As organizations look to expand the functionality of their video investments through new applications and collaboration capabilities, they need solutions that allow for simpler access,” said Peter Nutley, director of Product Marketing, TANDBERG.
Mr. Nutley continued by saying, “Most solutions require at least some system registration and configuration by IT, but the TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series is a highly scalable solution that doesn’t require ongoing planning from IT to enable video users outside of the network to connect with you. It creates a seamless experience for callers that is as easy as making a phone call, but as personal as a face-to-face conversation.”
Additional Features of the Latest TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series:
  • Up to 32 sub-menus for callers to navigate in the automated attendant
  • Pre-recorded video in each of the 32 sub-menus for customers that have a TANDBERG Codian IP VCR
  • A customizable corporate look and feel
  • Integration with the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) to provide phonebooks and directories
  • New capabilities for the live video operator, including the capability to screen and hold calls, as well as search TMS phonebooks to connect calls
  • Ability to integrate with all major vendors’ endpoints
  • A flexible dial plan that can intelligently manage and route all incoming and outgoing calls
  • High definition (720p) video resolutions with up to 30 frames per second
  • Up to 40 simultaneous calls
The TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series is available both as a range of standalone devices and as a port-licensable blade for the MSE 8000 platform.
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Jessica Kostek is a channel editor for unified communications, covering VoIP, CRM, call center and wireless technologies. To read more of Jessica’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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