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Contigo Partners with Jasper Wireless to Provide Location-Based Services

December 09, 2008

Contigo, a provider of turnkey GPS solutions for fleet management, asset tracking and personal safety, has announced a partnership with Jasper Wireless. The two companies will work together to provide worldwide location-based services (LBS) for Contigo’s customers, including VARs, enterprises and consumers.

The Contigo LBS solution suite will rely on the Jasper Wireless service platform to enable global device connectivity and management throughout the company's distribution channels.

Contigo is an integrated solutions provider that combines GPS hardware devices, wireless network access and Web-based software applications in an effort to deliver secure, reliable LBS solutions to a wide variety of businesses and consumers.

The company’s hosted platform is fully branded and is designed to easily scale to handle rapid growth. The platform also uses a patented, agnostic method in order to integrate wireless communications and location technology.

This approach is complemented by the Jasper Wireless one-stop service offering which includes worldwide device connectivity, one global SIM for the entire network, Web-based communications management through the Jasper Control Center, flexible billing rate plans, and an automated provisioning process that allows devices to be tested before service is activated.

"The ease of provisioning devices with Jasper Wireless is incredibly valuable to us," said Rob Goehring, vice president of product management and marketing for Contigo, in a Tuesday statement.
"Due to our VAR distribution strategy, we order devices in large batches and warehouse them prior to deployment. Using the Jasper Wireless automated provisioning process, we can now test these devices before shipping them without having to incur ongoing service charges."

According to Goehring, the unique value of the Jasper Control Center and global SIM in enabling Contigo to effectively manage its worldwide wireless operations.
"The Jasper Wireless API allowed us to integrate the Control Center application with our in-house back-end systems in just two weeks, creating a user-friendly portal that gives our operations team access to data usage records that are otherwise difficult to obtain,” said Goehring.
“This additional information provides real-time insight into our business, allowing us to optimize operations and ensure each customer is using the right service plan."

Contigo expects to power three distinct LBS offerings with the Jasper Wireless service platform, including fleet management; asset tracking; and consumer telematics.

"Leading integrated solutions providers such as Contigo realize that effectively managing remote devices takes much more than wireless connectivity," said Cindy Patterson, executive vice president - worldwide sales and marketing at Jasper Wireless, in the Tuesday statement.
"We provide an end-to-end service solution that automates device provisioning and other processes, provides real-time device control with management software-as-a-service, and accelerates time to market through our streamlined API and expert design services.
By working with Jasper Wireless, Contigo can leverage the unique value we bring to their LBS solution suite, and then extend that value all the way down their distribution chain. We are proud Contigo chose to partner with us in providing state-of-the-art LBS solutions that enhance fleet productivity, protect valuable corporate assets and promote driver safety," Patterson added.  

The demand for location-based services continues to grow throughout the mobile marketing, creating significant opportunity for both Contigo and Jasper Wireless. This strategic partnership should help to better position both companies to extend their reach into further areas of the global market, strengthening their brands and driving adoption.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for unified communications and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jessica Kostek

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