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MEDION AG, AuthenTec Team Unveils Fingerprint-enabled Personal Navigation Devices

December 02, 2008

MEDION AG together with AuthenTec has introduced three new Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) that use AuthenTec’s fingerprint sensor to enhance user security and deter device theft.

Germany based MEDION provides consumer electronics products including portable digital players, satellite navigation systems, desktops, laptops and personal digital assistants.
The company takes the credit of introducing the very first fingerprint-enabled PND to the market in 2007 and now has added three new such devices to its portfolio, including the feature-rich MEDION GoPal P5235, P5435 and X5535 PNDs, introduced first to the European Market.
“Because of the success of our first fingerprint secured PND last year, the MEDION GoPal P4425, we wanted to add this same theft-deterrent feature to our newest MEDION GoPal products,” said Mark Jendrzok, MEDION AG’s Director of Product Management, Mobile Computing.
With 5-inch displays, ultra fast route calculation and response to input commands including voice control, and Traffic Message Channel (TMC) reception.
All three PNDs utilize AuthenTec’s small form factor AES1510 fingerprint sensor for user identification to ensure that only authorized users can activate the device and even displays the capability to save five different user fingerprints.
AES1510 sensor is based on the company's patented TruePrint technology, which reads below the surface of the skin to the live layer, where a person's fingerprint is formed.
Leading mobile phone manufacturers have integrated this sensor into numerous smart phone and m-commerce phone models, enabling an easy to use and cost effective solution to enhanced security and personalized applications.
AES1510 was even recognized by the National Society of Professional Engineers as the 2008 Product of the Year.
“MEDION continues to add the most innovative technologies to their line-up of PNDs, and AuthenTec looks forward to supporting the successful launch of their newest offering of fingerprint-enabled GoPal navigation devices,” said Marc Gebert, AuthenTec’s Director of European Marketing and Sales.
He continued by saying, “Europe is a key growth region for AuthenTec, and we believe MEDION’s decision to use our sensor in their newest PND family underscores our belief that fingerprint sensors will continue to become a part of our everyday lives, whether at home, at work or anywhere in between.”

Jyothi Shanbhag is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Jyothi's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jessica Kostek

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