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Verizon Business Unveils Tips for Unified Communications Migration

November 19, 2008

Internet protocol networks can be used to integrate various systems, media, devices and applications within the enterprise in order to deliver efficient and effective communications.

Such integration is known as unified communications and collaboration, or “UC&C,” and while it can help to streamline business processing, accelerate decision-making, enhance the customer experience and improve the bottom line, the reality is that many companies don’t know where to begin in order to experience such benefits.

Before they can begin the task of migrating to an enterprise-wide UC&C approach, organizations must first address a range of issues such as evaluating and measuring how UC&C will benefit their organizations; determining if in-house technical resources, personnel and network capacity are available; and integrating UC&C into everyday business processes and aligning its deployment with critical business initiatives.

It is always wise for the organization to look to a global strategic provider that can offer the right mix of professional-consulting-services expertise, broad IP capabilities and comprehensive business tools.

Such a provider should be able to demonstrate a proven ability to understand complex business issues and processes to help organizations to identify what needs to be changed to realize the full potential of UC&C and guide them on their path.

To offer further guidance in this endeavor, Verizon Business is offering a number of tips, available for review here.
They include: investing in advanced IP networks; understanding the scope of current technology investments and how they relate to UC&C; aligning technology with business objectives when making purchasing decisions; and establishing a benchmark for success by understanding the needs of all stakeholders and how UC&C can help to more effectively meet those needs.
According to Kerry Bailey, vice president of global services for Verizon Business, employing UC&C requires both a technological and cultural shift.
“Verizon Business offers the right combination of network, services, tools and people to help enterprises address growing business requirements for teleworking, eco-responsibility initiatives and business process re-engineering,” Bailey said. “Verizon Business can help unleash the power of UC&C by offering the framework and consulting expertise to guide enterprises as they develop comprehensive strategies to unlock the potential of advanced IP-enabled collaboration.”

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Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for unified communications and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michael Dinan

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