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Mobivox, Voxbone Introduce Global Toll-free calling Exchange

November 11, 2008

Have friends across the pond? What about south of the boarder? As we all know, calling internationally can be a huge expense and with things being the way they are these days, who has the money to spend to chat with friends when there are mouths to feed—yours especially. With the emerging use of Voice over IP, companies are trying to take advantage of the situation and make calling internationally cheaper.

Mobivox is an international calling service that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for callers looking for lower international calling rates. A competitor of Skype, Mobivox works without having to download additional hardware or software.
Today, Mobivox has announced its partnership with Voxbone to bring its customers a global toll-free “country code” option to its platform of voice-activated mobile services. The “883” code, will allow users to establish a local presence anywhere in the world.
“Voxbone’s ‘883’ exchange is squarely in line with our strategy to make our full-featured Mobivox¦PL platform a source of robust offers that mobile, IP telephony and calling card providers can extend to their customers to generate new sources of revenue and grow user loyalties,” said Mobivox President and CEO Peter Diedrich.
End-users can continue to use the platform’s voice-user interface, referred to as the Mobivox Voice Assistant, to make the most of the inbound “883” service, including:
  • Account management from the phone—Users call into their accounts from any phones and use their voices to dynamically direct or change where their “883” calls should be forwarded.
  • Call screening—The Voice Assistant tells the call recipient how much inbound calls will cost and who is on the line, giving the user the option to accept or reject the call.
  • In-call help and control—During each call, as with every call managed by the Mobivox platform, the user will have “always-on” access to the Voice Assistant to add others to the call, or transfer the call to another phone.
Earlier this year, Mobivox collaborated with Jajah and Unyk.
Diedrich added, “Integrating Mobivox¦PL with Voxbone’s ‘883’ exchange is the latest example of the company extending the platform’s partner-ready innovative voice-activated range of functionalities to create new value-added service offers.”

Jessica Kostek is a channel editor for unified communications, covering VoIP, CRM, call center and wireless technologies. To read more of Jessica’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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