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NET Quintum Launches Unified Communications Global Online Community on TMCnet

November 10, 2008

(Norwalk, CT – November 10, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced that the Unified Communications Global Online Community (GOC), sponsored by NET Quintum, has been launched as the newest addition to the unified communications community program. This community promotes the growing field of Unified Communications and follows the trends and companies operating within the space.

Founded in 2000, NET Quintum, previously Quintum Technologies, is a Voice over IP innovator headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, with distribution in more than 67 countries around the world.
The Unified Communications Global Online Community is designed to serve as the premiere resource for information on Unified Communications technologies and solutions. As the Unified Communications space continues to evolve, readers can stay on top of trends and issues driving the technology of this exciting field. Bookmark this page to keep informed.
The community can be found at: https://unified-communications.tmcnet.com/ 

unified communications’s channels are micro-targeted information portals where readers can find topic-specific news, articles, feature stories and product reviews. unified communications has over 70 channels covering important topics in the IP Communications, VoIP, IP Telephony, CRM, Call Center and Information Technology industries.

NET Quintum has join forces with TMC, the leader of communications and technology media in an effort to take advantage of unified communications’s credibility and expertise in driving traffic to reinforce NET Quintum’s branding and distinguish its  position as a leading provider of Unified Communications in the United States.
NET Quintum, a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Equipment Technologies, Inc., manufactures Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches and Gateways which support analog and digital communications in enterprise and service provider networks, offering H.323 and SIP-based support for IP telephony migration, legacy VoIP enablement, multi-office VoIP, survivable branch office, Hosted IP PBX, SIP trunking, and unified communications applications.
“unified communications welcomes NET Quintum’s Global Online Community to our program,” said Dave Rodriguez, vice president of Publications and Conferences at TMC. “They are a well-respected innovator of unified communications that shares our vision in the advancement of new technologies. Our channel program is a community-building vehicle assisting our partners in building their brand, while contributing to the vast array of valuable content which drives traffic to unified communications, the most-visited communications and technology Web site in the world.”

unified communications the leading Web site for communications and technology professionals.  unified communications achieved a record breaking 3 million visitors and 30 million page views in July 2007 according to Webtrends.

For information on unified communications’s channels program, please contact Tim Goins at (203) 852-6800, ext. 229 or e-mail: tgoins@tmcnet.com

About unified communications

unified communications is one of the most flexible, useful and fastest growing b-to-b technology sites on the Internet. With its ability to provide RSS feeds and e-mail alerts by keyword and its automated press release posting application, unified communications is an online innovator. Providing news, features and commentary covering VoIP, IP communications, CRM, contact center and information technology topics, unified communications is read by more than three million unique visitors each month, according to Webtrends. unified communications is also proud to have received a complimentary letter regarding our editorial quality from legend Warren Buffet regarding a Geico article.

About TMC

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) publishes Customer Inter@ction Solutions, INTERNET TELEPHONY, Unified Communications, and IMS Magazine. unified communications, TMC's Web site, is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries. Ranked in the top 5,200 most visited Web sites in the world by alexa.com*, unified communications serves three million unique visitors each month. TMC is also the first publisher to test new products in its own on-site laboratories, TMC Labs. In addition, TMC produces INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO, and Call Center 2.0 Conference and Green Technology World Conference. For more information about TMC, visit www.tmcnet.com. (*alexa.com is an amazon.com company that ranks Web sites by their traffic levels. Neither alexa.com nor amazon.com is affiliated with unified communications.) For more information about TMC, visit www.tmcnet.com.

About NET Quintum
NET Quintum has developed a complete line of intelligent Tenor VoIP access switching and gateway solutions that are deployed in enterprise and service provider networks around the world. The Quintum Tenor® solution is the only product that offers Survivability to assure telephony communications remain live in branch office locations, even if the IP PBX network fails; Unmatched protection of voice quality and availability; Ease of Ownership with scalability, security and remote management capabilities; Ease of installation because Tenors are designed to fit into virtually any network offering and compatibility across PBX and IP PBX environments and Lower TCO because Tenors require no PBX modifications, no additional equipment, and no provisioning expenses.

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