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Digerati Declares UCaaS Success

November 07, 2018

Adapt or die. It sounds harsh, but is the reality of the modern enterprise landscape. Digital transformation is not an optional undertaking. From the c-suite down to the contact center, the cloud is serving as the straw stirring the drink.

Digerati Technologies announced a boost in UCaaS adoption, with T3 Communications, Inc. and Synergy Telecom unveiling new customer deployment plans. The Digerati subsidiaries are supporting SMBs from a number of verticals with UCaaS solutions.

Charlie Slaughter, Synergy's Chief Revenue Officer, stated, "We are excited that more and more users of legacy phone systems across various market verticals are realizing the reliability, ease of deployment, and cost-saving benefits of moving their communication systems to the cloud via our platform and network. Synergy's ‘customer comes first' focus is ramping-up revenue nicely and proving that we are on the right path."  

The Digerati umbrella supports more than 640 business customers, delivering more than 10,000 business users in Florida and Texas. And as cloud communications continues its torrid path of disruption, not only will innovation maintain its pace, but adoption will explode exponentially in the near future.

Ryan McDowell, T3's Vice President of Business Development, said, "At T3, we are committed to be the leading UCaaS provider throughout South Florida.  To continue expanding our market share, T3 has developed an ‘Agent' and ‘Partner' program to help develop relationships with those who influence business owners and decision makers for our services.  Through these efforts and other sales channels, we are witnessing fast growth in the ratio of ‘high margin' products being sold by T3 Communications.

Cloud communications are turning heads, and as such playing a key role in the evolution of business operations. The future is here. Care to join?

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle