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Polycom Adds 4 New VVX Series SIP Phones to Its Unified Communications Portfolio

August 31, 2018

For a decade or more, we’ve been hearing predictions about the death of the deskphone.  While alternatives have become more widely used, the fundamental of unified communications suggests that users can – and should – have multiple endpoints at their disposal, allowing them to use what makes sense in every situation.  That includes deskphones.  In fact, as cloud-based unified communications solutions continue to amass users to the tune of 30 percent annually according to Synergy Research, endpoints are keeping pace with features and capabilities to meet business needs.

Long-time handset maker Polycom, now part of Plantronics, is doing its part to deliver the latest phones to UC users and has now announced an updated series of SIP phones, specifically to support cloud UC users.  The new Polycom VVX series includes four models that combine a sleek, modern profile with Polycom’s longstanding audio quality and feature-richness.  The four models range from the entry-level VVX 150 to the VVX 25, VVX 350, and 12-line VVX 450.   

The new VVX phones have been designed with business users in mind, with each of the different models targeting a different user group but collectively meeting the full handset needs of every business.   

“Based on great feedback from our service provider partners and end customers, Polycom developed the new VVX x50 Series with quality, value, and management in mind,” explained Tarun Loomba, executive vice president, Product and Solutions Management at Plantronics.  “The new, sleek design delivers a great customer experience with premier audio quality at the right price for partners and customers.”

Importantly, Polycom has used the same UC software in its new models as in its original VVX series, making simplifying certification for service providers and ensuring seamless integration with UC platforms.  All four new phones support a broad set of Open SIP software features and integrate with more than 60 call control platforms.

To streamline provisioning and management, Polycom has also added its Polycom Device Management Service for Service Providers (PDMS-SP), a cloud-based service that integrates management capabilities into providers’ own processes and dashboards.  PDMS-SP allows providers to manage, monitor, and measure audio devices within organizations, allowing them to proactively address problems, even before customers are aware of them.

“The addition of PDMS-SP to our portfolio is designed to help our service provider partners better manage complexity, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction,” added Loomba.

Polycom says it will also be releasing an API to allow service providers to customers the services and analytics they want to receive from the devices used by their customers.

Edited by Erik Linask