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8x8 on AI Bolstering Bender

May 16, 2018

The contact center is at a turning, a precipice of possibility. In the rearview, we find inadequate legacy solutions. Ahead are exciting advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, deep learning and more. With customer service standing at the top of the priority list, contact center solutions are evolving and the enterprise gets to reap the reward.

This week, 8x8 announced the acquisition of Silicon Valley startup MarianaIQ (MIQ), making another AI notch on the cloud communication provider’s belt. The MIQ addition brings deep learning capabilities and a team of AI aficionados an on board.

“8×8 has continuously evolved itself to provide best-in-class enterprise communications to our customers. With the acquisition of MarianaIQ, we are fundamentally transforming how customers and employees interact through one system of engagement, and how companies optimize valuable moments of customer engagement with one set of data in one system of intelligence,” said Dejan Deklich, Chief Product Officer, 8×8. “We are thrilled to add top notch AI talent to strengthen 8×8’s market leadership in the $40 billion-dollar enterprise engagement management market.”

The new 8x8 AI and machine learning additions bring context-rich engagements, intelligent call routing and speech analytics to the table offering the omnichannel environment insight into best practice, enhanced Voice of the Customer capabilities and the assurance that each caller is greeted by the appropriate agent.

“Acquisitions remain a key part of our strategy to continuously innovate and disrupt the enterprise communications space,” said Bryan Martin, CTO, 8×8. “We acquired Sameroom last year to enhance our team collaboration capabilities, and we are one of the very few players offering an interoperable chat system that can speak to Slack, Stride, and other enterprise-level chat applications. The acquisition of MarianaIQ is the right investment in making X Series, a single system of engagement and intelligence to deliver exceptional experience for both employees and customers.”

Mergers and acquisitions are coming fast and furious in this period of consolidation, and 8x8 is seeking to capitalize on the trend with the addition of an up-and-coming startup.

Is AI in your contact center solution?

Edited by Maurice Nagle