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New BullsEye Phone Solution Does POTS-to-VoIP Conversion

May 01, 2018

BullsEye Telecom this month unveiled a new phone solution supporting key system emulation for POTS-to-VoIP conversion.

“Our key system emulation product offers a familiar interface on an attractive, user-friendly phone to help transition customers who have never tried VoIP, but still wish to keep traditional functionality,” says Evan Branstner, a BullsEye Telecom network endpoint engineer.

The new BullsEye Telecom phone also features the ability to use one button to park a call to an orbit. All parking orbits are synced between phones. That includes parked or free status on LED. Users of this solution have the ability to pick up parked calls from any phone. Two Page Groups per location can be joined or left from dedicated soft keys on each phone. And there are custom labels available for parking orbits.

Founded in 1999, BullsEye Telecom is service provider out of Michigan that offers an array of products and services. That includes broadband aggregation, cloud-based contact center, fax, POTS aggregation, SD-WAN, UCaaS site survey, and VoIP services.

“If you’re thinking about migrating to VoIP, there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in upgrading to UC at some point in the future,” BullsEye Telecom wrote in a recent blog. “Consider finding a VoIP provider that has the in-house potential to handle this upgrade for you…. It doesn’t make sense to use a different provider for every single office communication function. It makes more sense to bundle them together. That’s the benefit of working with a provider that offers UC in addition to VoIP.”