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Transitioning Customer Service to Secure Cloud Based Solutions

April 13, 2018

One thing is clear; data hacking is gaining traction in the digital world (over 250 million consumers were affected in 2014 alone).  As you’d imagine, security is paramount to high profile companies if they want to maintain long-lasting customer relationships. Punctuating the security topic, RSA’s 2017 Consumer Cybersecurity Confidence Index showcased  93% of surveyed consumers find it important that they have a say in how their information is protected on the web. For cloud solutions to safeguard against these threats to customer information, added intelligence and limited access must be incorporated into such a strategy.

In theme with secure cloud solutions, Latin America’s colossal electricity distributor, Eletropaulo is giving its customer service platform a facelift with its migration to Avaya Holding Corp.’s cloud tools. Hoping for automated operations, Eletropaulo agreed on a five-year contract that includes the Avaya Oceana service solution for over 800 locations with the goal of customer retention through cloud-based customer service applications that can promise privacy and security of sensitive data for over 18 million customers.

Danusa Correa, Relationship Channel Manager of Eletropaulo, impresses the importance of information safety to the customer base, "We were looking for solutions that would provide security and greater accessibility for customers using different channels. It was essential to guarantee the reliability of the information and relationship through which we could demonstrate knowledge of the client's journey, even in the case of a channel migration."

As the world turns, the data security hiccups churn, leaving big corporations scrambling to find their footing on the path to secure customer service solutions. Will the power move by Eletropaulo add a level of security to their customer relationship strategy? And can Avaya cloud solutions offer the Brazilian electricity distributor a cure to the common channel migration cold? Time will answer all. 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz