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Unified Communications Week in Review: Pareteum, Vonage, and More

April 07, 2018

If you missed any of the news and announcements, this is the perfect time for the Unified Communications Week in Review.

Pareteum Corporation (the “Company”) announced a three-year contract to bring its Global Cloud Services Platform (GCSP) to South Asia. With the deployment of this solution, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have total control and flexibility over developing customized marketing strategies for each user type. Hal Turner, Executive Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Pareteum stated, "The viral impact of the network effect, where each additive connection brings value that is accessible to all our connections, continues with this announcement. It is the significant power of our Pareteum Global Cloud Services Platform that enables, via our software and connectively, these new services.”

Two quick side notes: dvsAnalytics announced Hardy Meyers would assume the role as its new CEO. At the same time, The Wikimedia Foundation appointed Heather Walls to the role of Chief Creative Officer and Kui Kinyanjui will become Vice President of Communications. All three have the experience and background to excel in their new positions.

Finally, another appointment to be recognized. Vonage announced Sagi Dudai would assume the role of global Chief Technology Officer. He will head up the company’s technology vision, architecture design, and supervise every part of technology development. "With his vast experience and ability to execute on the Company's vision to transform the way our customers do business, Sagi has been instrumental in driving the development of Vonage's innovative portfolio of cloud-based products and services," said Vonage CEO Alan Masarek.

And there you have it; all of the Unified Communications news for the week wrapped in a neat package. Be sure to come back early and often next week for more news and announcements you will not want to miss.


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