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CIS and Cisco Announce Premiere TSG Approved Video VoIP Phone

April 09, 2018

CIS Secure Computing (CIS) announced the introduction of a modified Cisco 8865 HD video-enabled VoIP phone (models DTD-8865-01/02). This is the first video-enabled IP phone with TSG security and has won the approval of the National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG).

According to the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), the TSG acceptance program demands phones utilized in sensitive locales be unable to generate microphonic audio or intelligible video on wires exiting the phone while in an on-hook state. The absence of such protocols leave VoIP phones subject to eavesdropping vulnerabilities.

“Cybersecurity efforts are increasingly focused on insider threats,” said John Turner, Chief Technology Officer for CIS. “These phones reduce outside and inside threats and are required by policy for Government departments, agencies and contractors.”

The TSG-approved products are not just for government agencies; users who need to secure sensitive information, trade secrets and proprietary data will also benefit. Turner notes that members of the financial industry use CIS phones, not just for the added security, but the attractiveness of voice and video tech.

The DTD-8865 approved versions of the Cisco 8865 are now deemed Unified Communications (UC) technology, supporting convergent communications technologies, including 1GB data rates over standard copper Ethernet.

“CIS has developed patented pending technology that allows our TSG-modified devices to pass the stringent TSG Class A requirements using standard copper Ethernet interfaces at the high-speed data rates users now expect,” Turner said.

The CIS portfolio of TSG-approved VoIP products includes conference phones and USB support for softphone apps like Jabber and Skype.

Edited by Erik Linask

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