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CISO Group Picks Nubeva's StratusEdge

March 29, 2018

The Security Advisor Alliance has tapped Nubeva Technologies to help it build and operate cloud-based secure communications and membership management systems. SAA is a group of chief information security officers. The U.S.-based non-profit has more than 500 members.

"We are very excited about what Nubeva is doing and pleased that they are supporting the SAA," said James Christiansen. "Most applications are moving to the cloud, and users are more distributed and mobile. These trends demand that cybersecurity move to the cloud as well. Historically, this transition has been difficult and expensive. But Nubeva is simplifying security migrations and enabling best-of-breed security with a powerful, low-cost solution." Christiansen is Teradata’s chief information security officer and an SAA founding member.

Nubeva will be providing SAA with its StratusEdge solution. StratusEdge dynamically monitors data routing in the cloud and enables collaboration, communications, and other operations. It enables service insertion and service chaining between the internet, PaaS services, private networks, virtual machines, VNets, and VPCs. And it provides security across the cloud environment.

“If you can’t quickly and accurately see what’s going on across your cloud environment at all times, you run the risk of not knowing when you’re being attacked or compromised,” says Nubeva CMO Steve Perkins. “Hence, you need continuous traffic visibility inside the cloud, and the ability to ‘insert’ security control points. These are critical steps toward improving your security posture, especially when you’re dealing with the dynamic, elastic nature of modern cloud computing environments.”

The StratusEdge uses a patent-pending software technology called Cloud Blockchain Routing to audit, manage, and maintain the integrity of the communication policies in a subscription account. That provides fast ledger updates and auto-synchronization across all StratusEdge instances, enabling visibility, control, and integrity in today’s dynamic environments.

The importance of companies having total visibility and control via data correlation and analysis so they can better address the complexity of today’s complex environments is gaining steam.

There’s a new product category called AIOps that now addresses this. Gartner in a 2017 AIOps report lists BMC, Correlsense, Corvil, Elastic, ExtraHop, and FixStream as key players.

Gartner also mentions HPE, IBM, ITRS, Logtrust, Logz.io, and Loom Systems.  Moogsoft, which just announced a couple key hires and closed a Series D round of funding, was also on the list. Rocana, SAP, Scalyr, SIOS Technology, Splunk, Sumo Logic, and VNT Software also made the report.

Edited by Maurice Nagle