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Avaya Cloud Master Agent Program Takes Flight

March 20, 2018

Much like the cowbell to Christopher Walken, businesses have a fever, with cloud being the only cure. Leading the digital era, cloud technology is enabling a new day in networking, collaboration and communications – transforming IT and empowering operations.

Avaya announced the arrival of a new Master Agent program, with the objective of expanding Avaya cloud’s market presence.  This comes on the heels of unveiling its first Master Agent, Jenne. The product portfolio includes Avaya hosted unified communications, bundled carrier services, desktop options, subscription-based billing in addition to delivery, management and support.

The demand for cloud is currently sky high, and Avaya’s Master Agent program simply requires sales agents to bring interested parties to Avaya. From there, Avaya will address contracting, billing, managing and deployed unified communications services.

"Agents are among the fastest-growing segments of the UCaaS sales and support ecosystem. However, agent responsibility has a defined stopping point. Avaya's partnership with Jenne makes perfect sense to address market trends on the front end, where customers want simple transactions sales, as well as on the back end where they demand a consistent structure of comprehensive service delivery and support," noted Rob Arnold, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.

The newly launched program comes at a fortuitous time for Avaya, as last week it announced the addition of cloud-based collaboration to the Equinox Experience. It appears quite clear Avaya is aiming at delivering solutions capable of supporting modern workflows, and now is expanding its net a bit.

The cloud is here to stay, and with each passing day it deepens its roots in the business landscape. From the board room and C-suite, to the data center cloud computing is making its presence felt.

Edited by Erik Linask

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