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Avaya Adds Cloud-based Collaboration to Equinox Experience

March 15, 2018

Team members rely on workflow to attain productivity. In the cloud era, the unified communications industry is seeing integrations enabling more streamlined workflows and more positive results. With team communications and collaboration a top priority, solution providers are answering the call.

This week, Avaya enabled cloud-based team collaboration for the Avaya Equinox Experience. Now, a sales team can seamlessly piece together a project from the comfort of their “rooms.”

"The market is rife with applications claiming to enable employee productivity, but few deliver the level of integration that crosses communication channels and modes, context and contacts, workflow activities and infrastructure boundaries,” Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM, Solutions and Technologies, Avaya.

The mobile-first Avaya Equinox Experience provides video, voice, chat and more in user-friendly way, but the future demands more. Gartner projects to see nearly three-quarters of teams leveraging workstream collaboration as the preferred means of communicating by the end of 2022. Users can create and enter categorized team rooms, where they can start a meeting, message the team, hope on an audio or video call, divvy out assignments or share files, overcoming the shortcomings of legacy communication solutions   

"Enterprises are clearly shifting toward messaging-based communications tools. By integrating workstream collaboration into its UC Equinox client, Avaya creates a single-application that supports asynchronous messaging and real-time voice and video communications that can serve as a vehicle for sharing content," Dave Michels, principal analyst, TalkingPointz.

While the pairing of the two is optimal, cloud-based collaboration tools are available as a standalone.

Unified Communications in the digital age means mobility. Sales teams shouldn’t have to adjust workflows to the deployed solution, and those providers viewing the matter in that light will be the ones experiencing a nice boost in the bottom-line.

Does your communications solution support the team’s workflow?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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