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Vonage Shares SD-WAN, UCaaS Insight

February 14, 2018

Vonage has long been a cloud advocate, and an innovator in the space. This morning at ITEXPO during the session “Enhancing the Enterprise Network for Complete UCaaS,” Sanjay Srinivasan, PhD. Vice President & Chief Technology Architect, Business Engineering Vonage offered a bit of insight into the service provider perspective on SD-WAN.

Srinivasan explained, “We started looking at the use of SD-WAN for VoIP Service about three or 4 years ago, and have been actively deploying SD-WAN for Vonage and our customers...the change has exceeded expectations.”

With UCaaS building momentum, it’s important to realize how it interconnects communication services for better collaboration., and the role SD-WAN plays in that equation. “Adoption started top down, with very large enterprises that can’t afford bad call quality or phone service outages,” noted Srinivasan.

“Fundamentally everything is moving to the cloud, most if not all companies are thinking about moving to or are already in the cloud,” he added. With this cloud era comes the demand for increased bandwidth and reliability. Plain and simple, an organization must remain connected to the cloud at all times to maintain productivity.

Look at a retailer, for instance. With SD-WAN in place, any number of locations can be linked, and as retailers seek to simplify network operations SD-WAN offers the reliability and performance required. And if a link were to go down, “It would no longer be a catastrophic event,” Srinivasan noted.

SD-WAN offers the ability to support multi-cloud connectivity, spanning thousands of branch office and end points; and it just happens to be a great way to ensure an organization’s UCaaS is performing as expected.

We are just getting started here at SD-WAN Expo in sunny south Florida! Stay tuned! 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz